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Melatonin Sleep No Nocturnal Awakenings (45 Tab)

Sleep Stress

Melatonin Sleep No Nocturnal Awakenings (45 Tab)

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Difficulty to fall asleep and night wakings haunt your nights? Our formula containing melatonin and poppy of California, Sleep without Night Awakenings, in the form of tablets two layers, acts in 2 times to help you to find a sleep of quality. An immediate action releasing magnesium and melatonin to facilitate drowsiness followed by a delayed action releasing again melatonin, associated with poppy of California, to support a deeper sleep. Dosed at 5 mg per layer, these tablets are suitable for people used to melatonin, knowing their needs and the dose that suits them.
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Good to know
Melatonin is naturally found in certain foods.
Every individual produces a different quantity of melatonin.
Good to know
  • Melatonin is naturally found in certain foods.
  • Every individual produces a different quantity of melatonin.

Key ingredients

Melatonin, also commonly called the sleep hormone, is naturally produced by the body. It is synthesized from serotonin and secreted from nightfall by the pineal gland. Its concentration peaks around 2:00 a.m., reaching concentrations 10 to 100 times higher than those measured during the day. Once this peak has ended, the quantity of melatonin secreted decreases to make way for the waking phase. Melatonin synchronizes the circadian rhythm (24 hours), accelerates sleep, and improves the duration and quality of sleep.  In Canada, melatonin used in natural supplements can be of animal, plant or synthetic origin. The melatonin in our formula is synthetic.

Magnesium is an essential mineral for good health. It is essential in many reactions of the body especially for the heart, the bones and the muscles.

The California poppy, or Eschscholtzia californica, is an herb belonging to the family of poppies. Native to Western America, particularly California, it was already used by the Amerindians who consumed the boiled or roasted leaves for its relaxing and sleep-inducing qualities. Its intense yellow petals also make it a beautiful ornamental herb.

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Oui un bon produit


De très bon produit très satisfait


Oui un bon produit. Il fait beaucoup sont travail

charles couture
Mélatonine Sans réveil nocturne

Excellent! Fait vraiment ce qu'il doit après environ 1 semaine, fabuleux!