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"The path to happiness lies in good health"

Adrien Gagnon

Editorial, Health and physical development, vol1 n1, March 1946


The start of a great adventure: Adrien Gagnon Natural Health is founded. Always concerned by others’ health and well-being, Adrien Gagnon launches his first health and fitness magazine, while simultaneously developing his first natural health product line for weight management.


Adrien Gagnon, ND, a pioneering naturopath, successfully grew his business over the years.

Ever since its foundation, Adrien Gagnon Natural Health has set itself apart through innovative product launches.


Launches the first meal replacement bars in North America under the Nutri-Diet and Nutri-Bar brand names.


Adrien Gagnon is the 1st company to launch Glucosamine in Canada.


Mr. Adrien Gagnon is invited to help develop new Health Canada natural health supplement regulations.

Adrien Gagnon products are now sold internationally.


Adrien Gagnon’s website becomes transactional in Canada, a first in the industry!


Adrien Gagnon moves its headquarters to Brossard, and renovates its manufacturing plan to help support growing sales


Adrien Gagnon is sporting a brand-new look.

The brand’s heritage evolves to a positive lifestyle image respecting its Naturopath roots and values of authenticity and naturality.

Our original mission has remained unchanged: to be your trusted source for solutions and natural health advice, no matter what your age or lifestyle is, to help you maintain and improve your health. From the beginning, Adrien Gagnon’s priority was your health and wellness. It still is, even today.

Thank you for placing your trust in us for all these years