Your health and wellness:
The foundation of our company

If the name Adrien Gagnon was known in 1924, it wasn’t for natural health products: back then, Adrien Gagnon was a bodybuilder who trained other athletes in his very own gym... set up right in his living room!

As far back as possible, our ancestors used herbs to heal and treat many health conditions. Natural health products transcend from this traditional knowledge, with many other facts and uses discovered over time. Today, natural health products often benefit from clinical research to support their use for specific health conditions.

At Adrien Gagnon, we rely on science to select ingredients when it comes to the development of new products. We select ingredients with the best efficacy proven by clinical studies for given conditions. We then carefully review all available data to determine whether the ingredients are safe for public use. When clinical studies demonstrate that an ingredient is both safe and effective, we include it into the formula of a new product.

Our new product development team consists of experienced microbiologists, cell and molecular biologists as well as pharmacologists who work on the research and development of each Adrien Gagnon product. This dedicated team has invested years of hard work to offer reliable products to the market.

The quality of our products is reflected in all our manufacturing processes. By strictly controlling the quality of our products, we can ensure their trustworthiness in the eyes of the consumer while respecting and even exceeding the standards set by Health Canada.

The start of a great adventure: Adrien Gagnon Natural Health is founded. Always concerned by others’ health and well-being, Adrien Gagnon launches his first health and fitness magazine, while simultaneously developing his first natural health product line for weight management.

Innovation, commitment, choice and quality

Adrien Gagnon, ND, a pioneering naturopath, successfully grew his business over the years.

Ever since its foundation, Adrien Gagnon Natural Health has set itself apart through innovative product launches.

With over 70 years of experience, we are proud to be among the most important natural health organizations in Canada, with an offer of over 150 vitamins, minerals and supplements. In touch with the latest trends, we’re constantly innovating so that you can benefit from the best ingredients that nature has to offer.

Now featured on the shelves of over 1000 pharmacies, online, and in over 20 countries around the globe, Adrien Gagnon Natural Health continues to grow. Thanks to our team of passionate experts, our original mission has remained unchanged: to be your trusted source for solutions and natural health advice, no matter what your age or lifestyle is, to help you maintain and improve your health.

From the beginning, our priority was your health and wellness. It still is, even today.

Thank you for placing your trust in us for all these years.