Articulations douloureuses? Bougez!

Painful Joints? Get Moving!

Osteoarthritis risk factors

  • Age: osteoarthritis can occur at any age and not all seniors suffer from it;
  • Being a woman : more women than men suffer from osteoarthritis;
  • Excess weight : excess weight will put more strain on your joints
  • Sport Injuries or trauma after an accident;
  • Repetitive movements as part of a specific profession or activity: for example, high-level athletes, dancers, construction workers, etc. Repetitive pressure on particular joints can cause injury and wear.
According to the arthritis society, which relies on recent studies, osteoarthritis, once considered a degenerative or wear-and-tear problem “rather results from the body’s inability to repair damaged joint tissues”.

Joint pain and excess weight

  • Excess weight puts added pressure on the joints, especially in feet, knees and hips. It also increases the risk of injury.
  • Body fat interferes with blood circulation throughout the body, thus reducing the arrival of nutrients in the joints and releasing substances that can increase inflammation.
  • By losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight, blood circulation is improved, and there is less stress on the joints, which helps relieve pain.
Raking leaves, loosening the soil, sowing, planting, weeding, trimming hedges, etc. all that improves your strength, stamina and flexibility. Remember to properly stretch before you start and go at your own pace.
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