Where are you right now, on vacation or at work? In August, lots of people are off on vacation. Whether you’re looking forward to yours, you’ve already been there and back, or if you don’t have any vacation time coming, when the weather’s beautiful, no one feels like being inside working.

Or at least you feel like it less. Monday morning, still the toughest day of the week, is even harder. But it’s something we all live with, right? Right, because we like our jobs, and because it takes hard work to put food on the table.

But when your energy flags, sometimes it’s hard to regain it. Just making it to the end of the day can feel like an obstacle. That’s why we thought we’d offer some simple tips to help you boost your vitality at work. Knowing that the most important thing is to stay hydrated and to keep your eyes open, these tips will help on even the most trying days.

Days when you need to prop your head on your hands, it feels so heavy. When you can’t concentrate. When you’ve been staring at the computer for 15 minutes. When you check the time every 10 minutes. When it takes twice as long to complete a task. That’s when you should ask yourself some questions and try some of these tips to get your energy back.


When you start to feel tired, find a reason to get up and walk around. Go refill your water bottle, talk to a co-worker, go use the printer, etc. The simple act of getting up and stretching your legs works every time.


When your mind can’t keep up, and even your body’s getting tired, it’s a good idea to get up and do some quick exercises. You might not have a lot of time, but make the time to think about your body. A series of 10 squats will do you good by stretching tight muscles.


Often, when you’re so deep in the task at hand, and the end of the day is nowhere in sight, it’s time to put on an upbeat song. Depending on who you are, this gives you the chance to sing, dance, listen, hum or whistle a tune and easily change your mindset. You might momentarily annoy your colleagues – more likely you’ll be exuding happiness. After all, your wellbeing is just as important as your concentration. We recommend making a playlist just for work, music that’ll make you smile. That’s the key!


We know, it’s important to work hard. But it must be said that sitting in front of a screen doing the same thing for the entire day can be mind-numbing. There’s always some aspect of work that we like less. Which is why your team at work is so important. Taking 15 minutes to share what you did on the weekend, watch a funny video together, or just some general silliness…  these are things that reinforce the bonds in a team. Remember, these are the people you spend the most time with!


You’ve probably seen a new addition to our Energy product line recently: a fizzy new formula designed to quickly boost energy – and to keep you alert all day long! And if that weren’t enough, this powder can help keep your mind sharp and boost stamina as you get your daily dose of multivitamins. What a great product!

Energex Effervescent powder comes in a box with 10 tubes of 6g each. This is the equivalent of a full pot of coffee! You can choose from four great flavours – and whether it’s lime, berries, orange or grapefruit, you won’t be disappointed in the effectiveness of this formula. With no sugar or colorants, these flavours are deliciously natural! Whenever you need a little energy boost, just shake up a tube of Energex Effervescent powder with 500mL of water, and there you have it. It’s easy, handy and tasty – you’ll love it.


Vitamins and minerals are essential ingredients to provide precious energy that we seem to lose so easily these days.

Christelle Hadaud

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