La libido de l'homme

Libido in Men

Libido is commonly known as sex drive or perceived sexual desire. Everyone experiences it differently, and while it may be significantly high in some, it’s almost nonexistent in others.

Causes related to the decrease and / or loss of libido

Psychological Causes:

– Fatigue
– Stress
– Performance anxiety

Emotional Causes:
– Depression
– Relationship issues

Physical Causes:
– Toxic substances
– Medications
– Medical conditions

Solutions to decreased libido in men

It is obvious that the loss or reduction of libido can be a great source of anxiety for any man. Fortunately, there are many natural methods that can help a man's sexuality. It is for this reason that we have put together a short guide for you which, we hope, will help you regain your libido:

1- Remove as much stress as possible from your life.

Stress is one of the most common causes of decreased sexual desire, and it’s important to manage everyday situations so that you don’t get overwhelmed. I know it’s easy to get caught up in the fast pace of life, but try to find a way to identify and eliminate the sources of your stress.


2- Eat libido-boosting foods.

Yes! There are foods that taste good, and are also good for your libido. For example: chocolate, asparagus, oysters, garlic, vanilla, ginseng, etc. A quick online search for aphrodisiac foods will give you lots of options. It’s a simple solution I think is worth trying.


3- Don’t drink too much alcohol.

We all know that alcohol can make us feel more comfortable with others. But one glass too many can also inhibit sexual performance and affect erectile function.


4- Sleep well.
Being exhausted can lead to a loss of libido. Clearly, not getting enough sleep because you’re feeling anxious or suffering from a physical condition can interfere with your sex drive.


Don’t forget that if this is a persisting problem, several solutions are available, including consulting your physician for personalized recommendations. But first, you may want to try Stimul Energex by Adrien Gagnon, an interesting natural product for men with low energy.

Stimul Energex is a highly concentrated, aphrodisiac supplement developed to promote sexual and physical performance in men. Its formula is caffeine and taurine free, and is a great extra boost to help enhance sexual vitality and libido in men, while fighting stress and fatigue. Its two main ingredients, maca and ginseng, are used in traditional Peruvian and Chinese remedies to support sexual and physical function.

Libido is the vital energy of the couple!

Christelle Haddaud

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