For others, it means painfully being alone once again. For some, it’s a romantic dinner, a walk outside hand in hand, a rose centerpiece or decadent dessert to be enjoyed while gazing into each other’s eyes. And let’s not forget the kisses that last slightly longer than usual. Lucky, eh? Isn’t it a shame that some of us would rather stay home and go to bed early?

This year, let’s try something different. Instead of celebrating couples, can we just celebrate love? Why not take the time to focus on ourselves, and on those who love us and are always there for us? Are you up for the challenge? Throughout the month, make the time to love yourself, and to be mindful of all the love surrounding you.

There’s no secret about it: January has been pretty crazy weatherwise. Our immune system has been hit hard. So let’s take the next 28 days to warm up our hearts. Here are two ways to go about it. The first is to support your own heart with natural health supplements, such as omega-3s. You can also care for your heart by spreading joy around you. What will you do to make yourself happy during this month of love? I’ve prepped a list of ideas. Don’t be shy to add your own!

– Steep a cup of tea for a family member before they leave for work
– Clear the snow off a neighbour’s car
– Double your lunch and make a colleague happy
– Let two cars pass in front of you on the highway
– Listen, discuss and give a piece of advice to a teenager
– Write in chalk on the sidewalk: “You are loved!”
– Visit your lonely uncle you haven’t seen in years
– Bake cookies for the homeless
– Smile to someone in a bad mood and make their day
– Donate stuff and clothes you no longer need
– Pay for someone behind you in a line
– Spread joy at the office: always come in smiling.

To care for your heart with quality products, Adrien Gagnon can be your faithful partner in this month of February. It’s the month of love for us too, and after all, we want to take care of your heart. You know, the one that keeps beating since day one. There is no natural supplement that takes better care of your heart than omega-3s. Adding these to your diet will help you meet your daily requirement of omega-3 fatty acids to help maintain your cardiovascular health while promoting a healthy mood balance. In addition to our fish oil range, we also carry PurRed 100% Krill. It exclusively contains krill oil, derived from a small crustacean – krill – that’s also a natural source of omega-3 to help support cardiovascular health and keep oxidative stress levels down by producing a powerful oxidant. Click on the pictures below for more information.

All in all, I don’t want to completely change the way you celebrate Valentine’s Day or live through the cold month of February. However, I’m offering you a heart-friendly alternative that is much more enjoyable and that will have a positive impact on yourself and the people around you. Let me know what you’ll accomplish in February to spread the love!

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