As we approach March, I can only imagine many people coming out of hibernation to enjoy eating out more often in restaurants and regaining their vitality. So I thought it would be an appropriate time to provide you with easy detox ideas to effectively eliminate those toxins accumulated over the winter.

And yes, during winter we enjoy the good life, and those sumptuously rich meals… After all, we’re only human! So why not consider cleansing our own body just in time for spring? We all seem to embrace the need for spring cleaning, so shouldn’t we do the same for our bodies?

In fact, with the changing of each season, we should all consider a small detox period of 21 days or more. In doing so, we’re adopting a healthy lifestyle, and making sure that our bodies are ready for spring. With that in mind, here are a few natural solutions I recommend:


Milk Thistle is recommended to help soothe problems linked to the liver. It contributes to the regeneration and protection of liver cells. What’s great, is that it’s suitable for someone who consumes a lot of alcoholic beverages and wishes to help cleanse their liver!


Black Radish is an excellent source of nutrients for assisting people with digestive problems. It helps speed up digestion as well as reduce a heavy bloated feeling after a meal.


This infusion favours the elimination of toxins, waste, and water retention. The benefits of detoxing are numerous as Eliminex is also a great substitute for coffee and tea, as well as for hot beverages between meals.

A detox period allows the body to cleanse and unclog the liver, which is saturated with toxins from working so hard. Did you know that the liver has the ability to regenerate itself? Yes, just like a deer’s antlers! If we were to cut off a portion of the liver, it has the ability to regrow. It’s such an essential organ as it’s our body’s very own recycling plant… By cleaning it, we improve our digestion and overall health. Isn’t that beautiful?

I wish you all a wonderful month of March as you awake from your hibernation, and get your spring cleaning and effective detox cleanse going. I hope that Mother Nature will offer us warm temperatures as we welcome the arrival of spring!


As the spring comes, an emunctory detox is essential to gain back your energy and vitality! A liver cleanse is always recommended. When your liver’s fine, everything’s fine!

Christelle Hadaud
Naturopath for Adrien Gagnon
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