Did you know that regardless of our age, not taking proper care of our joints may cause a problem later!? Yup! It’s a fact of life that we’ve got many joints, and that they’re all very important. Actually, there are over 350 joints in the human body. And we shouldn’t wait until we’re older to take care of them: lifelong care is essential.

IT’S SO NICE OUTSIDE!!! I’m definitely jumping of joy, are you?

When the weather’s nice, we go outside.
When we go outside, we get moving.
When we get moving, our joints wear out.

When our joints wear out, we need to heal.
So why not prevent instead of heal?

Specifically, a joint is a link between two bones; it connects them and allows them to move. Our body has three types of joints: movable, partially movable and immovable. They can all deteriorate and become painful over time, or with repeated movements.


Many factors can contribute to reduced joint flexibility; for example, time, heredity, several sports, excess weight, etc. What happens, is that the cartilage, which is located between the bones where a joint is formed, helps prevent friction during movement. But when the above factors come into play, cartilage falls short! At this point, joints start hurting, and that’s where healing comes in.

Moderate physical exercise can help maintain your joint health. Be sure to avoid putting too much strain on your joints, but do exercise them all the same. You can also lightly massage the areas surrounding the joints you feel work the most.

To complement your joint care exercises, I strongly recommend collagen. It’s highly present in our joint cartilage and promotes optimal joint performance on a daily basis. Collagen is an essential protein for our bodies and can be found everywhere, in our skin, joints, tendons, bones, etc.

Collagen gives strength and elasticity while helping tissues regenerate and scar. As a result, it also supports healthy-looking skin. So, when you take your dose of collagen, you’re nourishing your joints and your skin. AMAZING!

What’s interesting, is that we just happen to have collagen at Adrien Gagnon. It comes in two formulas, capsules and liquid. Our liquid collagen is the perfect choice for those who have trouble swallowing capsules. Also, just FYI, the capsule formula’s required dosage is 3 per day, so the liquid formula’s single dosage may be more practical. AND I’VE GIVEN YOU A GREAT DISCOUNT FOR THE MONTH OF MAY. ENJOY!

Small tip, as part of a complete plan, I suggest taking vitamin C, as it plays a part in the tissue regeneration process. It also contributes to the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth, gums, etc.

So, if you’re feeling tempted to step outside and enjoy the sun, go ahead. Get moving, go running… go crazy! I strongly encourage you to exercise regularly, and take good care of your joints!


Slow and steady wins the race
(Maintain and nourish your joints for optimal mobility!)

Christelle Hadaud

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