Whether you’re a large family with several young children or a couple, now’s the time to set up your defences against autumn’s health threats. So we’ve prepared a checklist to help you transition from summer to winter with flying colours — just some suggestions to make October happier and healthier.


1 – Boost your immune system with vitamins and probiotics!

The fall is notorious for spreading illness and bacteria, so it’s important to stay ahead of the game by boosting your immune system to prevent getting sick. You can take vitamins and minerals adapted to your needs, as our products indicate. Our range includes many types of vitamins (for children, adults, men, and women) that can help maintain good health.

Probiotic supplements are also recommended, as they act to re-balance and restore the intestinal flora. Probiotics’ main role is to aid digestion and regularity, as well as protect against pathogens. This is one of the body’s natural defences! And to really give yourself a boost, try yogourt with added probiotics: the bacteria found in yogourt are excellent for the body. You can also add some honey to your bowl — it’s well known as a sore throat soother.

We also recommend you eat something spicy from time to time. While spicy foods may not be to everyone’s taste, they are effective at clearing the sinuses. So if a cold is affecting you or your family, try a nice spicy dinner and see the difference before and after.

2 – Prevent illness with echinacea.

If taken when symptoms first appear, echinacea helps decrease the length and severity of colds and flus. Echinacea’s immune system’s stimulating properties make it an ideal ally in reducing the intensity of infections. When the organism is exposed to stress or extreme conditions that weaken the immune system, echinacea can help the body defend itself naturally.


3 – Open windows to air out the house!

Staying in a house or room with the windows closed is not helpful when fighting off fall infections. The house should be aired out adequately during the day — it’s recommended to open the windows for at least 10 minutes or so daily to let fresh air into every room.

4 – Use a humidifier.

As we turn up the heat in colder weather, it can be very helpful to use a humidifier to counter household air that is hot and too dry.

5 – Try aromatherapy.

If you love essential oils, this is the best bit. Eucalyptus, peppermint, sage, and thyme are all aromas that benefit your body during the colder months. Add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to your humidifier (if it has that function available). Not only will the house smell nice, but essential oils all have particular beneficial effects. You can also add drops to your bath, or even on your pillow to benefit fully from essential oils’ effects. Keep in mind that some essential oils should not be in contact with children and domestic animals.


In the fall, it’s always “better to prevent than to cure”

Christelle Hadaud
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