Health tips of the month

Our basic advice on your diet and other small gestures that can help you ease your recovery


Celiac disease is the intolerance to gluten, a small protein found in many cereals. The immune system abnormally overreacts to gluten, which causes an inflammation of the intestinal wall. Once inflamed, the intestine’s nutrient absorption capacity is affected, which can lead to malnutrition despite a proper diet. 
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Hypertension describes a constant, elevated pressure of the blood within the blood vessels. Often, there are no overt symptoms and hypertension is detected during blood pressure checks. Very high blood pressure episodes can result in headaches, palpitations, nosebleeds and an illusion of a buzzing sound in the ear.

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Previously called hypertrophy, benign prostatic hyperplasia is a definition for prostate enlargement. The term “benign” means that this enlargement is not a cancer, and it has nothing to do with the severity of the symptoms. 

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Anxiety may be a normal temporary reaction to some life situations. However, a chronic anxiety that persists and worsens is a real disease that may interfere with daily life activities. This type of anxiety makes one feel tense, nervous, frightened for no apparent reason and may be accompanied by headaches, insomnia and heart palpitations.

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