Les 10 règles d'or de la santé selon Adrien Gagnon

The 10 golden rules of health according to Adrien Gagnon

Good health involves the practice of what are known as natural health factors. Discover the 10 golden rules, written by Adrien Gagnon himself, in order to live a healthy life.

  1. The need for clean air: Clean air ensures the oxygenation of the cells of our body. Breathing also helps to rid the body of certain waste and toxins contained in the blood. It is therefore advisable to practice full breathing, sleep with the window open and avoid places with polluted air.
  2. The sun, agent of life: The sun exerts a multitude of beneficial actions on the body. Sunbathing, correctly dosed, revitalizes the body. It is desirable to tan gradually throughout the summer, in order to obtain good reserves of vitamin D, while systematically avoiding sunburn
  3. The importance of pure water: Pure water is necessary for the body. This consists of approximately 70% water. The body eliminates a lot of waste through water, especially through urine and sweat. Thirst tells us how much water our body needs. You must drink to your thirst, and no more. A pure and clear spring water, which is not too mineralized (which has no particular taste), constitutes an ideal drink. Distilled water is also very suitable.
  4. A diet that promotes health: A healthy and natural, well-balanced diet, including a good proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables, helps nourish all the cells of the body. Eat enough raw vegetables to promote enzymes, vitamins and fiber.
  5. The benefits of physical exercise: Physical exercise and manual labor help maintain the body's flexibility, strength and vigour. In addition, exercise promotes circulation, activates breathing and facilitates elimination. It is necessary to regularly do specific exercises adapted to the activity, the capacities and the age of each one.
  6. Rest makes it possible to rebuild energy reserves: Rest in all its forms (physical, digestive, mental, sensory, nervous and emotional) must necessarily follow periods of activity, in order to allow the nervous system to rebuild its energy reserves. Sleep and relaxation are the two main forms of rest. We must sleep at least 8 hours a day and relax for a few minutes during the day. Physical rest is one of the essential conditions for physical and moral balance.
  7. The need for good posture: Good posture is essential to ensure the correct distribution of nerve energy in the body, to maintain the abdominal viscera in place, to ensure respiratory movements and to prevent tension and pain, mainly at the level cervical and lumbar vertebrae.
  8. The primordial role of the skin: External cleanliness, ensured by regular skin care - including bathing, showering, rubbing and air bathing - is another essential factor of health. By ridding the skin of its impurities, we allow it to better perform all of its important functions. The skin can thus better perform its function of detoxification through sweat, which eliminates a significant quantity of waste products similar to those found in urine.
  9. The influence of emotional balance on health: Emotional balance plays a vital role in health. This balance is ensured by a positive mental attitude, personal control, the search for calm and peace of mind. All negative emotions (pessimism, sadness, hatred, jealousy, envy, anxiety, insecurity, etc.) disturb all the functions of the body.
  10. Suppression of devitalizing habits: The suppression of all unwholesome influences and harmful agents is another condition of health. Excesses of all kinds (excess food, excess work, nervous overwork, lack of sleep, excess cold or heat, etc.) must be avoided.
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