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Teen Mood Benefits

Have you heard about it? Or seen any advertisements? What can be said is that our new product, "Teen Mood", is making waves.

What is the main ingredient?

Teen Mood is made from a 100% natural plant extract, namely saffron. Saffron comes from the crocus (or crocus sativus), one of the first flowers to bloom in our Quebec spring. Extending from the petals, one notices three large orange filaments, the stigmas. The stigma, along with the style and ovary, composes the female organ called the pistil. Saffron is, in fact, the stigmas of the crocus.

Saffron is well known in phytotherapy for stabilizing the mood in adults. Many studies suggest possible efficacy for stress and sleep management. Only a small quantity of saffron, as little as 28 mg per day, is needed to see results.

Why affron®?

We chose affron® saffron because of its quality and its eco-friendly, traditional, and sustainable production. Affron® is cultivated in Spain without the use of chemicals and fertilizers. Each flower is hand-picked early in the morning, and the stigmas are isolated and processed on the same day. Affron® saffron is of superior quality and is standardized for the active ingredient lepticrosalide, which includes safranal and crocin. This standardization ensures a minimum amount of the active ingredient in each batch, ensuring its effectiveness. Saffron isn't easily absorbed by the body. The patented preparation method of affron® enhances its absorption for better effectiveness. Lastly, affron® is the only saffron that has proven its safety and effectiveness in teenagers through clinical studies, so they can take it safely.

Why teenagers?

Saffron is not only effective for teenagers but also for adults. So why target teenagers? We're getting more and more requests from consumers for products that are safe and suitable for children and teenagers. Many are turning to adult products that are not often recommended for younger individuals. Natural health products are not harmless. When used incorrectly or in excess, they can be harmful to health. Even if many ingredients are plant-based, they are not recommended for children and adolescents. It is always advisable to use products adapted and dosed for young people. Very few stress products on the market are formulated for teenagers. So, we wanted to offer a gentle and natural alternative to teenage stress.

What does "Clinically Proven" mean?

The benefits of plant-based natural products are often recognized based on traditional use rather than scientific studies. These studies include in vitro tests, animal tests, and human tests. When our products specify that their effectiveness has been clinically proven, it means human tests have been conducted, and statistical analyses conclude an efficacy superior to a placebo. Clinical studies require the recruitment of several participants based on specific criteria. These volunteers are supervised throughout the product evaluation process. They are divided into groups, with one group receiving a placebo. This ensures that the results are indeed due to the product consumption. Statistical analyses determine if there's a difference in effects between the placebo group and the product-consuming group.

The affron® saffron used in our Teen Mood product has been the subject of several scientific studies. What distinguishes it from other saffrons on the market is a clinical study conducted on teenagers. This study showed that affron® is effective and safe for teenagers aged 12 and up. Its effectiveness in adults has also been proven. You can review the scientific studies on the following webpage: Affron | Science & Research (affronsaffron.com).

How will the effects of affron® be perceived?

The effects should be felt after 4 weeks of use. Teen Mood helps maintain a better mood balance and temperament. It also helps to feel more rested, less irritable, and perceive less stress. The effects will not be felt overnight but will gradually manifest over the first month. It's therefore recommended to take it continuously for 2 months to fully appreciate its efficacy.

The Adrien Gagnon team

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