If there’s one thing I love doing during the summer, it’s going on road trips. They’re always pleasant, no matter who I’m with. I often don’t even plan a destination… I just hop in my car, grab a change of clothes, some food, and a water bottle. Then I’m off on the open road.

That’s why I’ve created this list of Adrien Gagnon products to pack for a road trip. Feel free to adjust it based on your own needs and preferences.

  • Nutriforme Bars

Our Nutriforme bars are simply wonderful: they’re a meal substitute that provides 15 grams of protein and 24 essential vitamins and minerals. There’s one for every taste, which makes them practical and delicious. You can easily slip one in your backpack or purse and take a bite every now and then. What a healthier alternative to the usual roadside pit stop! I’m sure you’ll find your favourite flavour… mine is definitely Cookies n’ Cream Avalanche. YUM.

We also offer protein bars, an excellent choice for people who like to stay active on vacation. Their high protein content means they’re perfect for hikes, bike rides, kayak excursions, etc.

  • New MULTI Effervescent Powder

Just mix this effervescent powder (that comes in a tube!) with water to get 17 vitamins and minerals, plus a revitalizing energy boost. It’s sugar and caffeine free, and will help enhance your physical and mental energy levels. The tubes are small enough to fit in your pocket, and the powder is easy to mix with water. It’s available in two flavours, Mixed Berries and Orange.

  • Multivitamin for Kids

If you would like to add a children’s product to your list, here’s the best and most complete: our delicious, fruit-flavoured gummy multi. A daily dose will support your child’s growth, bone and dental health, red cell formation, and immune system. These complete, easy-to-take gummies are perfect to bring along on a trip. Note that they should be stored in a cool environment.

  • Arthriflex

If physical activities will be part of your road trip, here’s a solution that you may find interesting. This analgesic cream provides instant relief from arthritic and rheumatic pain. It also soothes muscle stiffness and inflammatory pain linked to sciatica, bursitis, back pain, and sprains. You can easily slip this light, non-greasy cream in your day pack.

  • Super Energex in Capsule Form

During your road trip, if you’re feeling tired, have a lot of driving to do, or need a little pick-me-up… I’ve got a solution for you! Super Energex in capsule form is an energizing supplement that delivers a quick rush of energy. It specifically targets intellectual performance and mental capacities, with a bonus effect against physical fatigue. I repeat: it supports energy quickly and effectively! The capsules are easy to carry in a car or bag and can be taken with a sip of water. They provide energy-enhancing nutrients like ginseng and kola nut, a natural source of caffeine.

I hope this helps you select the best natural products to bring along on your activities this summer. Have a wonderful month of July!

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