Good quality supplement.
Saffron is a great antioxidant and can also help to improve mood. These capsules are on the higher end at 14mg each. [...] They are easy to swallow with no negative effects. I have already been taking saffron for the antioxidant benefits and expect these to work as well as my previous different brand.

I noticed a slight calming effect.
The Adrien Gagnon - Teen Mood supplement is primarily centered around the medicinal and holistic benefits of Saffron.[...]
In conclusion, the Adrien Gagnon - Teen Mood is a potent, natural mood enhancer with the goodness of Saffron. While I noticed a calming effect, individual results may vary, and it's essential to use the supplement as directed.


Teen Mood

Perfect for moody or withdrawn adolescents, our Teen Mood formula helps them regain a positive attitude and feel more relaxed. Made with saffronaffron®, a pure and standardized extract that has been clinically proven, our formula is 100% plant-based and made in Canada. Easy to take, Teen Mood is the natural solution to regain a good mood!

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