Are you experiencing pain in your joints? That is no reason to give up your favourite summer activities: gardening, cycling, hiking, camping, playing tennis, golfing, swimming… on the contrary! Moving is one of your best allies against pain. Here are some good physical activity ideas that can help relieve your pain and allow you to enjoy a wonderful summer outdoors.

Growing flowers, fruits and vegetables is an exciting hobby. But did you know that gardening, including mowing the lawn, is also a cardiorespiratory exercise?
Raking leaves, loosening the soil, sowing, planting, weeding, trimming hedges, etc. all that improves your strength, stamina and flexibility. Remember to properly stretch before you start and go at your own pace.
One last tip: drink water. Proper hydration helps reduce pain by promoting the elimination of toxins, which can help fight inflammation. Also, well-hydrated cartilage reduces friction between bones, thus helping you to move more easily.